This is the estate website for American Artist John L. Loughlin AWS (1931-2004). The estate has the largest single known collection of his works from his earliest known works to those completed just before his death in 2004.

Investment grade art from the collection is available for purchase from the estate with prices ranging from $300 for un-signed estate-certified oil on panel paintings up to $5,000 for works that have won National and regional awards.

While the estate expects the value of John Loughlin’s work to continue to increase, we can make no warranty as to its future value. The best way to participate in potential gains is enjoy these magnificent works in your home or office and keep tabs on their future value.


If you are a gallery owner, please let us know. We would be happy to customize a package of gallery art for you to display. Loughlin was an artist-member of the American Watercolor Society (see bio), and has also won serious acclaim for his works in oil.

A significant amount of highly-popular black & white, pen and ink and pencil works are available as well.


If you are an art collector, the estate would be happy to arrange private showings of his work for sale. Here is the Contact Us link.

Art Enthusiasts

Please enjoy the work on this site—its beauty and quality.

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